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You do great work.

When my boyfriend opened the box, my entire family admired your work. 

 My mother is an artist and my family values hand made things very much

Mary H. - Fairhaven, VT


Our Mission

Guided by a relentless focus on quality we will strive to build long-standing relationships, while delivering unique, beautiful and finely crafted leather work, to last a lifetime or longer, for our customers.

Our Vision

We aspire to represent the Deep South’s culture of refinement, elegance and integrity through our 

high-quality leather products.


Exceptional Craftsmanship

Mike has spent nearly 20 years honing his skills.  He is constantly educating himself on ways to improve his work.  

Exceptional Design

Mike's constant focus is to design products that are both functional and beautiful, to last a lifetime.

Exceptional Products

Our custom products are built and carved by hand, one at a time. We use only the finest materials for both custom work and repairs.



We believe integrity 

is found in the details of both 

our craft and our relationships.


We believe in the lost art of practicing one's principles.

Keep commitments.

Never cut corners or 

produce shoddy workmanship.


We believe beauty 

should be handed down 

through the generations.


Leaning Oak Leathercraft was inspired by years of 'horsing around.' From trail riding in Virginia as a kid with my mom, to cowboying on farms in Texas, my years on the back of a horse gave me a unique perspective about leather. I've always been a hands-on kind of guy and never could find a saddle that was just what I wanted. 

Eventually, I decided to make my own! I've custom built dozens of saddles and have done repairs for nearly 20 years. Working from  my private shop allows me to focus on building saddles that are not only safe and comfortable, but also speak to the essence of the relationship between rider and horse. My commitment to high quality, stylish design will provide you with a saddle that will last a lifetime - for you and your horse.

Thoughtful design and exceptional craftsmanship don't just happen. It takes skill, patience and dedication to rise to that challenge. That's where we come in. We use only the highest quality leathers and design materials. We design and build saddles to serve you and your champion for a lifetime. With careful attention paid to the nuances of your riding style and individual taste, We ensure the finest components and safest techniques are used to build our saddles. Rigorous analysis of your needs starts with measuring your horse and discussing your needs, ensuring true custom work.  

~Michael Fitzgerald

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